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Gavin Goode

My Background


Gavin Goode graduated high school a year early so he could enlist as a police officer in the Marine Corps. 

He was meritoriously promoted 3 times including once to noncommissioned officer while serving in Albania during the 1990s.

 He used his entire GI BILL to attend art and design colleges in Florida and 

has been involved in the arts since. 

Gavin is a bit of a celebrity himself,  appearing in 14 films including Walk the Line, Rocky Balboa, 

Wild Hogs, xXx State of the Union (Samuel L. Jackson), and Syriana with George Clooney.

 The filming proceeds and experiences of world travel have helped build SemperFly Studios

 into a powerhouse of the midwest. 

My Medium


SemperFly Studios has been applying artistic imagery and finishes 

on just about any surface (interior / exterior) since 2004.

Be it floors or ceilings, (concrete, wood, or steel) 

vehicles or leather, even the human body. 

No canvas is off the table. Let us restore, repurpose, glaze,

texture, or plaster anything you can imagine. 

Mission Statement


Second to none in the art and design industry, SemperFly Studios

 takes great care and patience finding out exactly what the clients' needs are and execute their desires in a fast and efficient manner.

Please trust in us with your vision.

Contact Me


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The client list has long included some famous Musicians,  NFL (players and coaches), NBA (past and presents).  Gavin has had a hand in designing and painting  murals in over 40 pubs and restaurants,  mutiple museums, airports, and factories. Please message for commercial quote.